New-in: Summer Clothing!


Hi everyone! Yesterday was the beggining of a long week-end in Madrid so on Tuesday I decided to book last-minute tickets and travel home. I spent all day yesterday out with the family and today I went shopping . I have to say I’m super weird when buying pants but I really needed a new pair of them so I ended up getting  these super skinny military green  jeans. I also bought the first two bikinis of the season and you can’t imagine how much I wish I could wear them right now. Now I’m back to Madrid to work tomorrow and I’ll be back home again  tomorrow night! :)


Tandem ride & new shorts in!


As I told you in my last post, last week-end was a great mix of different things! I’m not a biking person at all since I’m so so clumsy! Nevertheless, I’m trying to give bycicles a second chance in my life since my boyfriend loves them. Besides, there is this lovely place, called Madrid RIO that is perfect to walk, run, bike or skate  so I ended up cycling a couple of week-ends ago. Finally, last Sunday we went a step further and tryied a tandem for the first time in our lives! It was so much fun and we discovered an amazing green open space in Madrid that we had never seen before right besides Matadero de Madrid. I absolutely recommend you to try this experience! And talking about sports…here you also go my latest purchase! You can find these amazing neon shorts in H&M for a really good price!

Have a nice day!IMG_0602 IMG_0620

New-in: Black platforms

This week-end has been a mix of relax, fun & shopping! I wanted to spend my money on the perfect platform sandals and I actually did it!  This time I chose black – I have to admit almost all my heels are bright-colored and I’m really happy to have finally found the perfect black ones! I’m sure I’ll use them a lot since they’re so comfy! What do you think? Yes or not? Have a good day!


Platforms/Zapatos: Zara


Easter Holidays


Hi everyone! It’s been I while since I posted last time but today I bring you a long post with pictures from my Easter holiday trip to Granada. Every year I spend a couple of days in Granada visiting my relatives and of course enjoying this lovely city that has so many beautiful places to see.  I absolutely recommend Granada as a short trip destination for those of you who still don’t know it! Hope you all had a great Easter and hope you love this summary of my trip!

9094_10151380550072861_1168720513_n 64766_10151380549142861_1488106446_n 67818_10151380550482861_1370070912_n 164246_10151380548887861_218611463_n 483584_10151380550362861_1730493168_n 483688_10151380549292861_2107913817_n (1) 522042_10151380550267861_1438359759_n 525383_10151380549397861_1241672002_n 529075_10151380550552861_1796847170_n 579627_10151380550622861_1482224917_n 580211_10151380550427861_305960370_n 734544_10151380548792861_135693136_n

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid


Hi everyone! Today I have something really good to show you! My first time at Madrid Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I couldn’t be more excited when I had the chance to live a fashion show! I wish I could’ve wore a better outfit that day for the pictures but I went straight to Maya Hansen’s Fashion Show after work. I went with my boyfriend and some friends to Cibelespacio and then we were so lucky to have a seat and watch the show live! I couldn’t believe it, the music, the models, the clothes…everything was just perfect and even better than I could’ve ever imagined! An amazing day to remember the rest of my life! :)

DSC_0201 DSC_0267IMG_4069IMG_3981  IMG_3978 IMG_3977 IMG_3973 IMG_3965  IMG_3929IMG_3912IMG_3926IMG_3949 IMG_3943    IMG_3984

Happy 16th bday sis!


Today I have two different things to celebrate! On the one hand, it’s Valentine’s day so I wanna wish you all a really happy day with your beloved ones! On the other hand, it’s my sister Ana’s birthday! She turns 16 and although I know she’s right now in high-school – not the best plan for your bday – I also know she will have a great day and a great bday party soon! Tomorrow I’ll be back home to celebrate it with her but meanwhile I’ve gathered a couple of pictures of us together from 2007 until now- you will see how much we have changed in 5 years! Hope you like them!


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